Duck you

I almost forgot about my blog lately. I got busy. Busy with many things. Especially I got busy with them. They run around on a roof in this city. Those who wants to have them for dinner, this is for you – ‘Duck You’. (And go duck yourselves)


Pathshala, 2014


Edward M Kennedy Center [EMK Center]

The American Center of US Embassy in Dhaka formally launched the Edward M Kennedy Center (EMK Center) at Dhanmondi in the capital on Saturday.

Opened in partnership with the Liberation War Museum, the mission of the EMK Center is ‘to engage, inspire, connect, and empower citizens of all ages to better themselves, their communities, and our world’, said a press release of the US Embassy.

The EMK Center honours the men and women who fought for Bangladesh’s independence in 1971 and US Senator Edward M Kennedy, who came to Bangladesh in 1972 to extend the hand of friendship, the press release said.

La Lettre De La Photographie: Published

Vendôme 2012 : Prix Mark Grosset

“Of River And Lost Lands” Published in La Lettre De La Photographie

The price Mark Grosset was won in the category by visual artist: Marie Ormières of EFET (Paris) for his series “Holy Days” and the documentary category by Sarker Naman Protick of Pathshala South Asian Media Academy (Dhaka, Bangladesh) for his work “Of River And Lost Lands“, his blog: Exhibited in the Les Promenades Photographiques 2012

Photographic Walks with support from Alliance Loire and FRAM ,  PICTO and Filmolux attribute the Price Mark Grosset two students in the category of photojournalism and visual category for the sixth consecutive year.

The 2012 edition will spend teaching and finest educational projects of the best schools worldwide.
Exhibitions are held in the stables of the Quartier Rochambeau, we want this place dedicated to “Work in Progress” real laboratory research and comparison of young photography.

Acclaimed by youth, with participation from 2007 to Mark Grosset price of more than 20 international photography schools and teachers who have already participated in early editions of the price.

My Favorite Daylight To Photograph

On my way to Dhaka from Faridpur, I took these photos from inside of a car. The sky turned grey before the rain. It felt like I was not in this world but somewhere else. The smell was different; the trees started moving gently and the wind which was so happily lonely, i felt I could die alone.