Client List

1. Head Office

Headoffice is a creative brand communications agency with a quest for creative innovation and excellence, dedicated to helping business houses to enhance its enterprise value by building their brands. Headoffice has commenced its operations back in 2001, creating and managing brand value of reputed organizations ever since. The agency has come across its way, meticulously, and became trustworthy in the communications & activations market, adding market value to more than 400 companies and 100 categories of product lines. Headoffice offers a wide range of services from concept development to its implementation in terms of strategic marketing. The agency offers its expertise in branding, brand repositioning, PR, event management, brand activation, advertising, printing and packaging, etc. complimenting integrated marketing communications.

Website –


2. Grameenphone

A connection exists between every person regardless of the distance that separates. And each person is designed to seek out those connections, to stay in touch.

Grameenphone serves as that correlating string that connects thousands of people across the country, across the world. It makes the daunting physicality of distance and time trivial. And thus it bring people together, holding their dreams and hopes, joys and sorrows, helping them stay close.

This power to connect all, eliminating all differences, is the power of Grameenphone – the power to create magic for every common man, the magic of love, the magic of closeness.

Website –


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