‘Magic realism’ and The Return of Haru

Haru Returns

Yesterday afternoon I came home early for lunch. I was in rush as I was very hungry and it was too hot outside. Just as I got off the rickshaw, all of a sudden Haru appears at the street. By now I’ve got familiar with these awkward encounters. But I was happy to see him, that he has returned.

Me: Hello Mr. Haru, what are you doing here?

Haru: (Slowly lights his cigarette)

‘I am not here.’

Me: mmm…sorry?

Haru: Yes! What it might look like that I’m here, but actually am not. I’m not here. This isn’t happening.

Me: Not quit following you.

Haru: Well you see Protick, this is all part of Magic Realism. Although your thoughts are real, the world you are living is more unreal! Depending on the situation you could be at one place or several and I may have wings.

Slowly the smoke that was coming out of Haru’s cigarette filled up the entire area and I flew away.


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