Senses Seven presents “Blank Sights”

Blank Sights

In a gallery, we stand in front of a photograph, witness a scene, grasp the details, feel informed and we move to the next one, we are not allowed to touch them. We are living in hyper-visual world, we know how to see.  Sight becomes a witness, sometimes the most prominent component of our senses. But can we also smell and taste them? In ‘Blank Sights’ photographers tried to overcome the sight and get into the other senses. Their photographs do not make us informed or do not reassure us about our knowledge of a world. They take us to the unseen, to the unfelt.

Artists –
Debasish Shom
Labib Mohammad Sharfuddin
Samsul Alam Helal
Salma Abedin Prithi
Soumitra Barua
Vashkor Ahmed
Curated by 
Munem Wasif

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