Selected Artists for Chobi Mela VII

Congratulations artists! Chobi Mela Secretariat will be contacting you soon. A limited number of artists have been especially invited by the curatorial team. These names will be announced at the end of the month.

Name of Artist Country
Anastasia Taylor-Lind Sweden/UK
B.S. Shivaraju (Cop Shiva) India
Eiffel Chong Tze Chin Malaysia
Eivind H. Natvig Norway
Gael Turine Belgium
Gideon Mendel UK
Hossein Fatemi Iran
Ilaria Di Biagio Italy
Laura el-tantawy Egypt/UK
Leandro Viana de Paula Brazil
Lu Guang China
Maika Elan Viet Nam
Maimouna Guerresi Italy
Mateusz Sarello Poland
Mohammad Anisul Hoque Bangladesh
Muge China
Rafiqul Shuvo Bangladesh
Rasel Chowdhury Bangladesh
Richard Bartholomew and Pablo Bartholomew India
Saiful Huq Omi Bangladesh
Samsul Alam Helal Bangladesh
Sandra Vitaljic Croatia
Sarker Protick Bangladesh
Shumon Ahmed Bangladesh
Walter Astrada Spain
Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh and Rozenn Quéré France and Lebanon
Ziyah Gafic Bosnia

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