Sneak Peek, ‘In Progress’

Today 5:00 PM at Pathshala. we will present our final show. So, these are for our friends who are not in Dhaka/outside of the country, but will be with us in spirit.  For you, here is a glance of what we are up to these days, works in progress. We are the 10th Batch of Pathshala.

Bangladeshi photography is always recognized for its very known social documentary. Previously, the content was mostly about social issues we suffer with, starting from poverty to violence or climate issues. But things have been shifted, a new branch of photographers entered to the scene and started to deal with other issues, which are sometimes more urban, personal and complex. They are not only exploring untouched contents, but also different and own visual language. An own way of telling the story. The works are in progress and this presentation contains 8 bodies of works which are trying to get a space in our documentary practice.

Tanzim Wahab


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