Photograph Taken By My Father

Photograph - Manna Rana Sarker

Photograph - Manna Rana Sarker

This photograph is nearly 25 years old. It’s been hanging on our wall since then, in a black wooden frame. My father took it. I love the way mother smiled back to him for the photograph.

We were 3 members in our family. Me and my parents. Father was the obvious photographer in the house, documenting everything of us. He always used a Yashica MF2, point and shoot camera. Most of the photographs were like snapshots.

He loved to take pictures and send those to his brother to U.S by E- mail. It was in the late 90’s. I remember it used to take such a long time to attach a photograph back then. Unfortunately, father couldn’t see this Internet revolution, the era of Facebook and ‘i-phones’.

But, from now on, my father ‘Mr. Manna Rana Sarker’ will now exist in this virtual world, forever.


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