A photograph that I can die for / most favorite image

Photograph by Duane Michals

I first saw this image last year in my class. Immediately I fell in love with the photograph and till now i haven’t seen any photograph that I loved this much. I like Duan michels work a lot. But particularly this image is my most favorite one, including the text. It’s so simple and joyful.  Just like the image itself. It’s full of love and warmth.

For me, the strength of photography is never limited into art or journalism. Maybe because it’s the only medium that can stop time and store that moment forever on a two dimensional surface, like magic! but also as simple as a proof, of a particular time in space, of our existence. It reminds us our joy, our sorrow, our love and pain. This is the reason why i fell in love with photography. This image says it all. It has the simplicity and all the emotions in such a poetic way. There were no doubts or  difficulties to select it as my most favorite.


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