One Arabian Night

A trip into the Thar Desert. They call it  Safari.

It was horrible. Riding on a camel, which might sound exciting, but really it’s not. It’s too slow, a total pain in the a**. Miles after miles of nothing to see along with hot wind full of sands. And ofcourse the all mighty sun is always there.

By the evening we have reached by the dunes. And we stopped. Slowly the sky went dark. The guides provided me the mattresses, so that I can lie down. They cooked chicken which they call Desert Chicken and vegetable with Chapati (Bread). I was tired and hungry. The food tasted excellent. They also gave me a bottle of whiskey. The arrangement was really good.

As night falls it went more and more cold. The sky was filled with stars, millions of. I saw one falling, really fast. After struggling the whole day, I felt that it was worth it.

I never slept under open sky. It was such a vast open space. And complete silence. I lie down. As I was falling asleep, my eyes were becoming blurry and I feel like the stars were falling on to me.


2 thoughts on “One Arabian Night

  1. This Looks good protick, why didn’t you continue this work. i heard traveling through desert is fascinating. Have you see lawrence of arabia.

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