After shooting Bang Bang…

The workshop is over and we are all leaving for our final project. It was really wonderful time here in Kolkata. After working 3 days in the city we all presented our work at the Auditorium of Neheru Children Museum. It was called Kolkata Chronicles.

Students worked on very significant part of the culture and the environment of the city, such as the taxi’s, Kusti, Haora, Moydan etc. It was highly appreciated by the audience. After that, Greg Marinovich, the great South African photographer and the co -auther of the book Bang Bang Club presented his early work that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1991, which led to a long conversion on photography, politics and identity.

Later we all Joined Drik India for our dinner party. It was a great night on the roof top of Kolkata along with friends, colleague, and teachers from Norway, India and Bangladesh.

Greg Marinovich
Greg Marinovich

The Pathshala guys in front of Drik India