Richard Billingham and his Toy Camera

I met Richard Billingham last year in April. Me and my friend Asif went to University of Gloucestershire, England where he was the Faculty of Fine Arts Photography. Yes, we were psyched (so obvious). Our good friend Charli (one of his student) told us… ‘Relax guys he is just a normal guy, so down to the earth…’ we were like … mmmm yaa… he is THE Richard Bellingham, the man who created the book “Rays’s a laugh”!!!

Richard Billingham, April 2011 © Sarker Protick

Then we met him in real life. Yes he looked like a normal human being (Not a superhuman from outer space), very friendly and a bit witty. We showed our work to him. He was very enthusiastic and gave us interesting feedback. He and his friend Tony were planning to visit Bangladesh for the Chobimela Festival. When we were leaving Cheltenham he gave us two of his Toy Camera as a present. We asked for his autograph on it. We were very happy! The one he gave me, it already had a film with few shots left.  Here is a shot that I took with it.

Camera signed by Richard Billingham


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